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Raj Vinnakota


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    Louisiana Tech University

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    University / College Graduate Student

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    315 East California Avenue
    Ruston Louisiana, 71270

  • Biography

    Raj K Vinnakota is a doctoral student in semiconductor plasmonics research at Center for Applied Physics Studies, under the advising of Prof. Dentcho A. Genov. He is currently performing his research activities at Computational Electromagnetism Research Lab (CERL) and Institute of Micro Manufacturing (IFM), at Louisiana Tech University, where he manages research emphasized on designing and study of light coupling with nanoscale, semiconductors with direct application in novel, high speed processors. Also he is an integral member of Consortium for Innovation in Manufacturing and Materials (CIMM) project where he is handling research activities related to modelling and study of laser particles interaction in Selective laser melting technique. Vinnakota obtained his bachelor’s in Electronics and communication from prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India. He received his Master’s in Electronics and Master’s in Applied physics from Louisiana Tech University, while he is working as research assistant for Prof. Genov. His professional membership include the OSA, the APS, the IEEE Photonics, the SPIE and the LAS.

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