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Senary refractory high entropy alloy MoNbTaTiVW

By Boliang Zhang1, M.c. Gao, Yi Zhang, Shinzhong Yang2, Shengmin Guo3

1. LSU 2. Southern University and A & M College 3. Louisiana State University

Published on


The design approach and validation of a single phase senary refractory high entropy alloy (HEA) MoNbTaTiVW was presented in the present study. The design approach was to combine phase diagram inspection of available binary and ternary systems and Calculation of Phase Diagrams prediction. Experiments using X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy techniques verified a single phase microstructure in body centred cubic lattice for MoNbTaTiVW. The observed elemental segregation agrees well with the solidification prediction using the Scheil model. The lattice constant, density and microhardness were measured to be 0.3216 nm, 4.954 GPa and 11.70 g cm− 3 respectively. The atomic size difference, the Ω parameter, enthalpy of mixing and entropy of mixing for MoNbTaTiVW HEA are 3.1%, 11.1, − 3.4 kJ mol− 1 and +13.39 J K− 1 mol− 1 respectively.