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Investigation of Thermo-Fluid Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V Melt Pool in Powder-Bed Electron-Beam Additive Manufacturing

By M Shafiqur Rahman1, Paul Schilling, Paul Herrington1, Uttam Chakravarty1

1. University of New Orleans


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The powder-bed electron-beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) process is a new

additive manufacturing (AM) technology in which the metal powder is melted in vacuum utilizing

a high-energy heat source to fabricate metallic parts in a layer by layer manner. Despite the unique

advantages of designing complex geometry and tooling-free manufacturing, there are still

considerable challenges in the EBAM, e.g., obtaining desired metallurgical behavior, part

accuracy, reliability, and quality consistency. Therefore, a better understanding of the thermofluid

and mechanical properties of the EBAM process is indispensable to meet the challenges. In

this study, transient computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of Ti-6Al-4V melt pool has

been done using ANSYS Fluent 15.0 to characterize the process parameters associated with the

EBAM process including a realistic melt pool geometry. The dynamics and the solidification of

the melt pool have been investigated numerically and results for cooling rate, variation in density,

pressure, velocities, and liquid fraction have been obtained to enhance of the analysis.


Proceedings of Louisiana EPSCoR RII CIMM 2016 Symposium. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA: July 25, 2016