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CIMM Semminars

By Phillip Sprunger <>, B. Ramu Ramachandran <>, Wen J Meng



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CIMM runs two seminar series, a student/postdoc led seminar and the main CIMM seminar open to all investigators. The CIMM seminar is run in collaboration with related projects and departmental seminars and colloquia on all CIMM campuses. CIMM will work with these projects, to co-host speakers on CIMM related projects. The schedules for recent upcoming CIMM talks are posted below. Schedules from previous semesters are linked here.

To schedule a CIMM seminar, please contact one of the CIMM investigators (Phillip Sprunger <>, B. Ramu Ramachandran <>, Wen J Meng, <>). To join us or to speak in the CIMM student/postdoc seminar, please contact Ka Ming Tam (<>)